Pancreatic Cancer; 10 Silent Signs & Symptoms

6. Skin rash

We have covered different types of pancreatic cancers and their symptoms according to the cells involved in the tumor. There is still another type of pancreatic cancer that is composed of glucagon-producing cells. Glucagon has the opposite function than insulin, and it is typically released when blood sugar levels drop. In this type of pancreatic cancer, there’s a characteristic skin rash called necrolytic migratory erythema.

This type of rash is composed of red patches with a blister in the center. The blister breaks and forms a crust, heals, forms another blister to break in a continuous cycle that changes the color of the skin and causes an itching sensation. It typically appears in the buttocks, legs, and in the low portion of the abdomen. Since this is not a common disease, doctors usually confuse this skin rash with other skin diseases, and the diagnosis is delayed for a long time, allowing the tumor to keep growing in the meantime.