Syphilis | Stages, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

C) Third stage (Symptoms depend on which organs have been affected)

1- Damage to the heart and blood vessels

In an advanced stage, syphilis may cause aneurysms or valvular heart disease. They can have an obliterating endarteritis, which affects the vasa vasorum of the aorta and causes middle layer necrosis, a destruction of elastic tissue and subsequent aortitis with aneurysm formation.

This is not the most common symptom, as it is diagnosed in 10% of untreated patients. But it may remain asymptomatic and still affect the patient and increase their risk of cardiovascular event because it is known that 85% of patients with untreated syphilis has certain degree of alteration in the heart or the major blood vessels. However, this complication is not common in patients who are diagnosed and properly treated.