Syphilis | Stages, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

4- Fever

In secondary syphilis, fever (defined as a temperature higher than 100.94 ° F) usually lasts more than three weeks, and it is pretty much a constant. But in many cases it is found with no additional symptoms and it is difficult to trace the source of the infection. This is named fever or unknown origin (FUO).

Diagnosing a FUO case triggered by syphilis can be quite difficult sometimes, and doctors need to take into account your clinical history and physical examination to obtain essential clues leading to the diagnosis. In this way, doctors avoid an erratic, expensive, and ineffective search, given the large number of possible etiologies (infectious, connective tissue diseases, and neoplasms). Thus, if you want to aid in the diagnosis, answer every question you are asked with the truth, even when it makes you feel embarrassed because it will contribute to a quick and effective diagnosis.