Syphilis | Stages, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

5- Treatment of syphilis in infants:

Syphilis can be transmitted through the placenta in non-treated pregnant females, and the transmission depends on the stage of syphilis, with primary and secondary syphilis carrying a higher risk.

The CDC recommends “aqueous benzyl penicillin” single dose intravenous (100,000-150,000 units/kg/day) for 2 weeks. or “procaine penicillin ” single dose intramuscular (50,000 units/kg/day) for 2 weeks.

These drugs are recommended in infants diagnosed as congenital syphilis at birth based on clinical and laboratory evaluation and investigations, or in the infants who are born to mothers who weren’t adequately treated, even if there is no evidence for infection in infants.

In infants who are born to mothers who are treated adequately and don’t have any evidence of infection, follow up is recommended for them.