Acid Reflux (Heartburn); Common Signs & Emergency Symptoms

4) The Take-Away

Acid reflux disease is not highly fatal in most of the cases, yet it needs careful attention as it can give rise to more serious problems like esophageal cancer. In recent decades, the incidence of acid reflux disease and other associated gut condition is on the rise. It is due to poor eating habits and careless lifestyle.

Generally, it is recommended to visit a doctor to check for acid reflux disease if any one or two of the symptoms repeat twice a week. Acid reflux disease does not always exhibit the same symptoms in every patient and can be somewhat different from person to person. Likewise, it is not necessary that the disease will produce all of the symptoms mentioned above. Acid reflux disease is treatable with medications and care at its early stages. However, not giving due attention and delay the diagnosis may end up in an open incision of the patient’s abdomen or chest.