Acid Reflux (Heartburn); Common Signs & Emergency Symptoms

5. Nausea and Vomiting

Plenty of ailments may trigger nausea. Therefore, it’s hard to know whether it’s due to reflux or not. However, in a few cases, the only symptom people report in acid reflux disease is nausea. If you feel nauseated and don’t know the reason, one thing you must consider is acid reflux. If you feel nauseous right after taking a meal, this shows a clear indication of acid reflux. In that case, a proper medical treatment like acid countering drug or antihistamines can cut down your discomfort.

Sometimes vomiting also develops following nausea. Of note, the color of the vomitus in acid reflux disease depends on the food that you have recently ingested. Sometimes the color could be bright red, which indicates active bleeding in the stomach. When vomiting is triggered by acid reflux, it usually leaves a burning sensation in the mouth due to the presence of acid.