Colon Cancer | Early Warning Signs & Stages of Colon Cancer

D) Stage III Colon Cancer

Stage III colon cancer involves a compromise of the lymph nodes and can be divided into three categories:

Stage IIIA: This stage of cancer starts becoming severe. Cancer has now spread from mucosa to submucosa. And it is entering into the muscles. Cancer may spread into less than three nearby lymph nodes from where the primary tumor started.

Stage IIIB: Cancer has now gone through the colon’s outermost layer and it starts to affect 4 or more lymph nodes, nearby organs and tissues. Distant organs are still safe from the tumor.

Stage IIIC: The tumor has spread to involve four or more regional lymph nodes. Nearby organs are also affected. This stage is very difficult to treat and require long and thorough treatment. The typical options available to treat this stage of colon cancer are aggressive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and multiple surgical procedures combined.