Colon Cancer | Early Warning Signs & Stages of Colon Cancer

8) Bowel Obstruction

Obstruction of the bowel can be due to large-sized polyps or a grown-up tumor. Both tend to stop digestive waste from passing through the bowel and leads to various symptoms such as;

  • Constant inflammation of the tummy
  • Intermittent and severe abdominal pain – The pain is more intense over the location of the obstruction and always provoked by eating
  • Unintentional weight loss – due to poor processing of food, water, and nutrients. If you have already lost some pounds, a bowel obstruction can stimulate the process.
  • Vomiting – The blockage and regurgitation of food particles lead to occasional vomiting.

Obstruction of the bowel is a medical emergency, that if not treated promptly, can cause necrosis (death of tissues due to stoppage of blood supply). If you are already diagnosed with colon cancer and experience sudden and sharp pain in the abdomen along with other symptoms of bowel obstruction, you should consult your health care provider quickly to evaluate and treat the underlying cause.