10 Surprising Signs of Depression!

2No interest in exciting things

This is one of the most important symptoms in depression, and it is even more important than sadness itself because it is a change everybody can see, both the patient and his family. These patients stop feeling interested in things they enjoyed or liked before starting their depressive symptoms. They do not have any specific hobbies, they are not interested in sharing passions with other people, and do not feel any surge of excitement when they are doing their favorite activities or practicing their favorite sports.

In this regard, it is important to say that having a lack of interest over things that we usually enjoy is a common symptom in people who are overcoming a duel. However, it is limited to a short time and these intense emotions that overshadow excitement slowly fade away with time. That does not happen in depressed patients, and this prolonged absence of interest soon starts to deteriorate their social behavior.