10 Surprising Signs of Depression!

7. Difficulty to make decisions and think clearly

Depressed patients have impaired brain chemistry, which reflects in their way of thinking and how fast they are able to respond to various stimuli. They have a very slow cognitive processing, which means they think and process information very slowly and need too much time to make decisions and think straight. They need to make real efforts to concentrate, and their thoughts are often vague.

Sluggish thinking may also reflect in their movements, and they start doing things in slow motion, which may be even worse if they already started medication because some of them would make them feel better in almost every other symptom described in this list, but slow down their movements further in the process.

These patients are not confident enough in their own capacities, and this often leads them to be indecisive and difficult to make choices. When they do, it is also difficult to maintain their decisions and not change their course of action. Their impaired decision-making becomes more and more prominent as the disease progresses, and this impairs their social, academic and working performance.

Negative thoughts, beliefs, or expectations