10 Surprising Signs of Depression!

8. Reduced performance at school or work

Patients with depression often have a progressive deterioration in their social performance as we have mentioned previously. But as they turn away from society, they are often tired, and thinking and deciding become more difficult. All of this slowly impairs their performance in their academic and working goals. They may think they have the same academic goals, but their motivation levels have dropped dramatically. They may be working somewhere they like doing something they used to enjoy, but they are not interested anymore, and it reflects in their work.

These patients slowly become unresponsive and irresponsible in their day-to-day activities. They avoid all social contact with their co-workers and stop doing any extracurricular activities because they are often unsatisfied. This leads in time to many different problems in the school or at work, especially if they are becoming aggressive as a part of their abnormal behavior.

Depressed patients are often anxious patients as well, and both work and school trigger that anxiety and make them feel even worse. As depression progresses, grades start declining, and they may not care if they are fired from their job or do very little to avoid that.

Negative thoughts, beliefs, or expectations