10 Surprising Signs of Depression!

6. Disruption of the sleeping pattern

Another symptom we should not take lightly is a difficulty to sleep and a disruption of the normal sleeping pattern. These patients often have severe sleeping problems consisting of both difficulties to fall asleep and to achieve a meaningful sleep. They wake up continuously in the middle of the night and in most cases they are unable to reach REM, and profound stages of sleep required to wake up rested and feeling energetic for the day to come.

Anxiety is often an important part of depression, and patients usually feel the silence of the night as a welcoming moment to think. Even if they do not want, they can’t stop thinking about their worries, past experiences, their mistakes throughout the day, and any other disturbing thought that intrusively comes to mind. Insomnia is a common cause of low energy levels, and it further aggravates many other symptoms in depressed patients, including their cognitive skills and overall mood.

Negative thoughts, beliefs, or expectations