10 Surprising Signs of Depression!

4. Fatigue

Depression is associated with a low level of energy, in a clinical entity called chronic fatigue. In some cases, patients would experience fatigue without any seemingly major negative feelings, and if they fulfil the rest of the criteria, they might be diagnosed as a depressed patient. Chronic fatigue usually results from an alteration in the chemistry of the brain. Patients have insufficient sleep as we will address further, they struggle to fall asleep, and at the same time, their organism is always on metabolic stress due to depressive feelings, trying to stabilize brain chemistry levels.

Thus, it is common that depressed patients feel drowsy most of the time, and fall asleep in the middle of the day, struggling to concentrate and making efforts to think when it is required. This only adds up to the fact that they feel worthless and do not want to go out anymore.

Depressed patients often experience chronic fatigue, but if you have low energy levels, there are many other things to consider before thinking about depression as a diagnosis. Thus, if you are experiencing this terrible symptom and want to know the real cause, talk to your doctor about it and follow his instructions to be correctly diagnosed.

Negative thoughts, beliefs, or expectations