11 Warning Signs of a Heart Attack You Should Not Ignore!

Jaw pain and other types of pain

Even though the typical manifestation of myocardial infarction is chest pain, we still need to consider different variants of pain, such as epigastric pain, jaw pain, neck pain, and pain in the left arm and shoulder without the typical chest pain. It is possible to experience all of these variants, and some will be more common than others.

A special mention to senior women, who often describe heart attack symptoms differently and their diagnosis goes unnoticed. Impressively enough, most women with heart attacks have another type of pain but not chest pain. They may display the typical shoulder and left arm pain without any chest pain. In other cases, pain is located in the back or in the stomach area, very similar to gastritis pain. Another type of pain they commonly display is jaw pain.

In these women, taking into consideration other symptoms is essential to suspect a heart attack. Breathing difficulty, high blood pressure with an accelerated heartbeat and other symptoms may be even more useful than waiting for chest pain to show up.