11 Warning Signs of a Heart Attack You Should Not Ignore!

Accelerated heartbeat

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Accelerated heartbeat

Another body function triggered by the parasympathetic nervous system is an increase in the heartbeat. Thus, during a heart attack, it is common to experience an accelerated heartbeat, clinically named tachycardia. What’s more, an accelerated heartbeat can even contribute to the damage in a heart attack and trigger other heart conditions.

In many cases, tachycardia would overstimulate the electric system in the heart and trigger an arrhythmia, which is an irregular and disordered heartbeat. In these cases, patients may feel their heart pumping hard against their chest all of a sudden. This is called heart palpitations, and it is a response to a delay in the transmission of the electrical impulse with a sudden and violent pump to compensate for the excess blood flow accumulated during the delay.

An accelerated heartbeat is also influenced by anxiety and uneasiness, which is why it is prevalent in the emergency room. However, if you have palpitations, dizziness or fainting, and chest discomfort, call for medical assistance immediately and try to calm down as the medical help arrives.