11 Warning Signs of a Heart Attack You Should Not Ignore!

High blood pressure

High blood pressure, heart attack symptoms, signs of a heart attack
High blood pressure

This is another condition that may be a cause or a consequence of a heart attack. High blood pressure and hypertensive crisis are commonly associated with heart attacks. An increase in blood pressure makes the heart work harder and increases the energy expenditure of the cardiac muscle, with the results we have discussed above.

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For this reason, if you are suspecting a heart attack it is recommended to keep your calm, try not to make efforts, lift stairs, lift heavy objects or run around your own home in a frenzy. Doing this will increase the workload to your heart and may worsen your condition. Instead, try to stay seated and get help to do whatever you need to do to prepare while calling the emergency services. Try to relax and practice breathing techniques and other forms of stress-releasing techniques.

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