11 Warning Signs of a Heart Attack You Should Not Ignore!

Nausea, vomiting & other gastrointestinal symptoms

Nausea, vomiting & other gastrointestinal symptoms
Nausea, vomiting & other gastrointestinal symptoms

Patients usually describe nausea and vomiting during a heart attack, but some of them may have predominant gastrointestinal symptoms making them believe what they are feeling is common heartburn. This happens especially in the elderly, who often dismiss heart attacks and they are only reported during their check-ups as a past heart attack episode they can’t recall.

Thus, be careful around indigestion symptoms with fatigue and shortness of breath, especially when they start all of a sudden and for no reason. If you have an underlying heart condition or suspect you’re having one, talk to your doctor and get your check-up done as a routine even if you’re not feeling sick. Detecting heart disease early reduces your risk of a heart attack and will help you improve your quality of life.

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Heart attack symptoms & signs of a heart attack


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