11 Stomach Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore! | Gastric Cancer Symptoms

7) Vomiting

Patients with stomach tumors may experience severe irritation of the gastric mucosa, and this often leads to significant nausea and vomiting. One important note is that bleeding caused by the erosion of the underlying blood vessels near the tumor can be evidenced by the presence of blood in the vomit or in the stools. In the event that blood is present in the vomit, and the bleeding is related to gastric cancer, the patient’s stools will likely turn black and have a tarry texture due to the partial digestion of the blood.

Although the presence of blood in vomit and stool is not a determining factor, as it may be caused by more benign conditions such as colitis or Crohn’s disease, it can be a symptom of advanced cancer and as such should be considered a serious development.