Stroke Types and Warning Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke

1) Trouble with speaking or understanding

Trouble with speaking or understanding, Stroke symptoms
Trouble with speaking or understanding

Slurring of speech or difficulty understanding what others are saying is the classic and the hallmark feature of most strokes. You may also experience confusion due to inability to speak properly. It mainly occurs with ischemic stroke, but it may also happen in hemorrhagic stroke. Slurring of speech, and confusion indicates that your recent stroke attack was in the speech center in the brain, i.e., temporal lobes. The most affected blood vessel, in this case, is the middle meningeal artery that supplies blood to this particular area. Furthermore, the temporal lobes of the brain control short-term memory as well, some degree of smell recognition and musical rhythm, so you may also experience difficulties with these functions.

Aphasia is a medical term used to describe the condition in which a patient is unable to speak correctly or start speaking inappropriate words, but understands speech, writing and reading. Speech therapy would be best to deal with this condition and regain lost facial activities.