Low Blood Sugar Symptoms; 14 Signs & Symptoms of Hypoglycemia

11. Hypothermia


Patients with hypoglycemia start having circulatory changes as we have reviewed above. Blood pressure often drops along with glucose levels, this changes their heart rate as well, and the blood starts redirecting to meet the oxygen and nutrient demands of very important organs such as the heart and the brain. As the circulatory system redirects the blood to the inner parts of the body, the outer parts, including the skin and the mucosal layers reduce their blood flow and start feeling colder. That is why the patient may feel colder than usual, and this can be confirmed by taking his temperature.

There are many other causes of hypothermia, and it may be an additional source of health problems in cold weather. Thus, it is important to look for medical attention if you are not able to improve the symptoms by applying first aids measures.