Low Blood Sugar Symptoms; 14 Signs & Symptoms of Hypoglycemia

5. Difficulty to concentrate

As much as we disregard thinking and cognitive functions, they take quite a lot of neuronal processing, and they consume a lot of energy. In hypoglycemia, nutrients are being delivered to the most important centers in the brain, as well as other organs that keep us alive, such as the heart. Thus, other functions become relegated to a secondary priority, and that is why we become unable to concentrate and might even find trouble trying to recall certain events or create new memories. This has nothing to do with intellect. It is the result of a low level of energy available in the brain.

For this reason, some people undertaking very low-carbohydrate diets would start feeling difficulty to keep on learning and concentrating. This is often corrected after some time, but it is a very slow process because there’s nothing like glucose to get a faster energy supply.