Low Blood Sugar Symptoms; 14 Signs & Symptoms of Hypoglycemia

6. Anxiety

Patients with hypoglycemia usually come to the emergency room with a very high level of anxiety, especially if they are experiencing neurological symptoms. After fainting or feeling dizzy with muscular weakness and other concerning symptoms in hypoglycemia, patients usually think they have a severe problem that needs urgent correction, and this makes them and their relatives very nervous. Additionally, as we mentioned earlier, the sympathetic nervous system activates in hypoglycemia, and it contributes to making patients feel even more nervous and fidgeting.

Thus, in the event of hypoglycemia, it is important to look for urgent medical attention, but stay calmed and apply first aid measures until medical help arrives. Some first aid measures would be to give space to the patient, ventilate, and give him something to drink, usually a sweet drink if the patient is not diabetic. I diabetic patients it is sometimes better to test their glucose levels before applying any measure unless there’s a clear history that suggests hypoglycemia such as insulin overdose or low energy intake.