Low Blood Sugar Symptoms; 14 Signs & Symptoms of Hypoglycemia

3. Dizziness and fainting

Feeling dizzy is a very uncomfortable symptom that is listed as a neuroglycopenic sign as well. It is caused by a sudden and unexpected shortage of energy in the brain. Even if we have other means to power-up the brain, they do not work as fast as glucose. Thus, during acute hypoglycemia, we may feel lightheaded and dizzy, sometimes even faint.

Fainting is more common in older adults and pregnant women, but it is not only limited to these patients. There are patients more susceptible than others, and slight changes in their glucose levels may cause fainting. In other cases, there are patients who would display a lower level of glucose and still do not experience so many signs and symptoms.

Fainting is a clearly severe symptom, and in most cases, it should be taken seriously and readily attended by a healthcare professional. Thus, do not delay searching for medical attention and applying first aid measures; meanwhile, if apparent hypoglycemia makes a patient faint.