Lyme Disease Symptoms; 11 Early Signs & Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Ocular manifestations

The earliest ocular manifestation in the first stage of the disease is redness in the eyes due to conjunctivitis. Sometimes patients may have photophobia as well, but this conjunctivitis-related photophobia should be differentiated from photophobia in the second stage of the disease when it is associated with meningeal signs.

In the second stage of the disease, more ophthalmic manifestations may start to appear, including blurred vision and severe vision disturbances. When examining your eye, your doctor might detect something called papilledema, an internal swelling of the optic nerve. It may even lead to optic atrophy and other problems. These optic nerve issues are more common in children than adults, which is why it is recommended to stay vigilant and talk to your doctor if you find disturbing signs and symptoms in your children. Other alterations include keratitis, pars planitis, vitreitis, and many others.