Lyme Disease Symptoms; 11 Early Signs & Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Headache and meningitis symptoms

Patients with a long-standing Lyme disease usually develop meningitis symptoms as well. This is common in the second stage of the disease that features hematogenous dissemination of the disease to other organs, including the central nervous system. These symptoms usually appear within 2 to 10 weeks after infection, and the most common symptoms are headache, neck stiffness, and neck pain. Patients also have photophobia, which is a high sensitivity to light. All of these signs are enclosed together as meningeal symptoms because they are indicative of meningeal irritation.

The severity of the symptoms is highly variable. These symptoms might be experienced in the first phase of the disease as well, but not with photophobia. The full extent of the meningeal signs is usually present in the second stage only. Headache is variable and usually not persistent. In these patients, it is important to rule out meningitis, and doctors might need to examine their case very closely, sometimes as an in-patient.