14 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Brain Tumor

4. Confusion

It is a common neurologic problem that arises when there’s a disturbance in the normal function of the brain. Thus, it is considered a nonspecific manifestation of brain tumors, and it does not provide much clue as to where it is located.

There are different degrees of confusion, and patients may have mild difficulty recalling or coordinating their thoughts or a severe neurological problem with loss of consciousness and other signs and symptoms. Depending on the site of the lesion and the extent of the tumor, one or the other might appear. In any case, it is important to detect these symptoms and report them as soon as possible. They may not be caused by a brain tumor, and chances are they are not if confusion is the only visible symptom of an alteration. However, you might need the opinion of a skilled professional to figure out what’s wrong and treat your condition or that of your relative as soon as possible.