14 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Brain Tumor

14. Cognitive changes

Patients with brain tumors often experience cognitive changes as well. They may have a problem recalling data or storing new memories. These problems are often found in patients with a tumor located in the frontal lobe or the temporal lobe and may be as mild as forgetting unimportant things or as severe as to cause retrograde amnesia, which is a complete loss of memories stored in the brain for years, even before the tumor started growing.

  • Diagnosing and treating brain tumors is a challenge, and even if not all of them can be considered cancer, the majority would need a surgical procedure to remove them. Thus, this is not a health problem you would likely solve with home measures and adopting the approach of waiting and seeing. If you’re experiencing disturbing symptoms that do not feel normal, talk to your doctor right away and do not delay your diagnosis.