Fat Burning Foods | Best Foods and Tips for Weight Loss

3. Stress:

Nowadays stress plays a very important role in the development of many diseases and unfortunately, millions of people around the world are affected by stress due to the lifestyles we lead now. this stress leads to the production of some hormones that promote visceral fat accumulation like cortisol levels.

Stress can also lead to unhealthy eating behaviors and negative coping mechanisms like alcoholism and substance abuse, it increases the chances of having sedentary lifestyles and poor sleep quality all of these factors combined can result in depression, anxiety, and many emotional disorders that promote obesity and overeating and this cycle of chronic stress and weight gain can only be broken through incorporating health-promoting lifestyle changes like exercising, meditating, having a well-balanced nutritious diet and don’t be afraid to seek professional help to get these issues addressed and to be able to improve your overall quality of life.