Fat Burning Foods | Best Foods and Tips for Weight Loss

2. The type of food in your diet:

Food is one of the major variables that if we take into consideration and pay attention to, our health would totally change for the better. a lot of the food options available nowadays are bad for our bodies and promote obesity and chronic diseases fast food that is mass-produced, full of sugar, trans fats, and salt, in bigger portions and higher calories with absolutely no nutritional value is the type of food that people mostly consume more often than they consume healthy homemade meals that are actually better for our health.

  • High sugar foods like sodas, fruit juice, energy drinks,  added sugars to cereals, pastries, prepackaged foods,and processed food turn inside the body into glycogen and get stored in the form of visceral fat, and since they cause high sugar spikes after eating them they get followed by a sugar crash that increases your appetite and makes you hungry faster and makes your body crave more sugar making you addicted to this type of sweet food that has tons of calories and zero health benefits.
  • Trans fats that are present in cheap lard, butter,and packaged food is another example of a type of food that we should totally eliminate from our diets as it is mainly hydrogenated fat that causes high low-density lipoproteins LDL cholesterol levels that have been associated with the development of atherosclerosis and heart disease. it is also related to increased body inflammation, insulin resistance, and the development of some types of cancers so avoiding that type of food and replacing it with healthy fats from natural sources can help greatly reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases.
  • Little protein consumption in the diet is another factor for fat accumulation since people who consume good proteins that are full of all the essential amino acids are more likely to be leaner with less visceral fat and with stronger heavier muscles. protein intake promotes weight loss as well since it makes you feel full faster, and this satiety lowers the intake of unhealthy foods sousing protein like meat, poultry, or fish as the main ingredient of most dishes is a great way to help burn more fat.
  • The type and amount of fiber intake play a major role in fat accumulation since fiber doesn’t only promote healthy gutbacteria but also makes you full for longer periods of time restricting your food intake. fiber also stabilizes your hormone levels which helps manage your appetite, unlike refined grains that are lower in fiber content and promote weight gain that is why it is best to resort to whole grain foods in our everyday lives to help make your meals healthier.
  • Too much alcohol consumption has also been linked to promoting fat accumulation in the body it also leads to body inflammation and is one of the main causes of fatty liver disease and certain types of cancer since alcoholic beverages are high incalories and contain high levels of sugar, it also decreases inhibition and judgment making you more likely to eat a lot of foods that are full of calories and bad for your health, it also stimulates hormone production that make you hungry and store more fat, it can make you stressed, and have poor sleeping quality so try to limit alcohol intake to 1- 2 drinks per day.