Lymphoma Symptoms; 9 Most Important Signs of Lymphoma

4. Chills and night sweats

There’s a solid reason why people get chills when they have fever, and it is a normal reaction the body has to increase body temperature in the event of fever. After reaching the brain, the inflammatory mediators modulate the temperature threshold of the body. Thus, the brain makes the body feel it is cold and needs to warm up, which is done by initiating small jerking movements in the muscle fibers.

Night sweats are strongly related to fever as well, and this symptom is very common and especially severe in lymphoma. Sometimes, patients report waking up in the middle of the night soaked in their own sweat. Excessive sweating is not necessarily a night symptom, but these patients may also report daytime sweating.

Consider that many health conditions and infections triggering fever would likely cause night sweats. It is also common in menopause, so talk to your doctor about your complaints and don’t think right away it is caused by lymphoma because it is one of the last diagnoses your doctor would consider.