Lymphoma Symptoms; 9 Most Important Signs of Lymphoma

8. Fatigue

This symptom is common in all patients with cancer, and lymphoma is not the exception. It is defined by a type of exhaustion that does not improve after proper rest and interferes with the normal activities of the patient. People with lymphoma experience fatigue for a very long time, and sometimes this symptom becomes prevalent as one of the first signs that something is wrong with your body.

Various factors cause fatigue in lymphoma, and we are going to discuss the most critical: anemia and metabolic stress. Anemia is a reduction of red blood cells, which is common in patients with lymphoma. These cells carry oxygen throughout the body, and a significant reduction would cause patients to feel drowsy and easily tired. At the same time, there’s metabolic stress caused by the excessive replication and the nutrients cancer needs and steals from the blood. This extra consumption of nutrients makes the body run out of energy, which is why patients do not recover after a good night’s sleep.