Lymphoma Symptoms; 9 Most Important Signs of Lymphoma

7. Dry skin

This symptom is especially important in Hodgkin lymphoma, and these patients usually display dry patches of skin that becomes sore and itchy. The areas of dry skin are usually located around swollen lymph nodes, and the itching might become especially severe in some cases.

This symptom is caused by an increase in inflammatory substances in the surrounding tissue. They cause irritation to the skin and the nerve terminals. These nerve terminals receive pain sensation, and when they become irritated by inflammatory mediators, they cause a mild pain sensation that’s translated into itching by the brain. When the inflammation is severe, patients may feel soreness instead or a burning sensation instead of itching.

There are many causes of itchy skin, and you will need your doctor’s advice before trying anything to relieve your dry skin problem. Using creams, especially antibiotics, without your doctor’s advice is highly imprudent because it may change the way your skin lesions look like, making it harder to reach an accurate diagnose.