Migraine Symptoms; What Are the Symptoms of Migraine Headaches?

12. Migraine visual aura

Migraine visual aura
Migraine visual aura

Many patients with migraines experience auras, which is a series of sensory disturbances or sensations that signal or precede migraine attacks. There are many types of aura, but each patient usually experiences the same before an upcoming migraine, and this may even become useful to start medications early and prevent more severe symptoms.

Auras are divided into three types: sensory aura, which is either visual, auditive, a change in smell perception, and others; language aura, which is an impairment in the speech, difficulty to use language, find the right words or articulate properly; and finally motor aura, which is associated with weakness or paralysis, which commonly appears in one side of the body, and it is the least common type of aura.

The most common aura symptoms in migraines are visual disturbances that include zig zag lines, blind or colored spots, stars, sparkles or flashing lights, tunnel vision, a distortion in shape or size in the visual field, or just an increased sensitivity to light.

Other patients describe symptoms such as abdominal discomfort or sudden sensation of nausea and bloating, an unexpected sensation of fear and anxiety, confusion, cognitive problems, forgetfulness, and even psychiatric symptoms such as feeling that one is separated from one’s own body.