Migraine Symptoms; What Are the Symptoms of Migraine Headaches?

4. Red eyes

It is also known as conjunctival hyperemia, and it is common in patients with migraines and cluster headaches. The headache is located on one side of the brain, and the eye on the same side is taken and looks red. In most cases, patients may report pain in the area surrounding the eye, located in the eyeball or dull pain in a deeper structure near the eyes.

This is because the eyes are innervated by a cranial nerve called trigeminal nerve, which is very important in the development of migraines. This cranial nerve affects the blood flow to the eyes, and it results in a strange sensation in the ocular area. However, the trigeminal nerve does not cause a vascular hemorrhage. Red eyes typically result from the constant rubbing of the affected eye or might result from vomiting and other types of physical strain a patient with migraine constantly has.