Leukemia Symptoms; 11 Common Leukemia Signs & Symptoms

11. Bone pain

When there is a massive number of leukemic cells in the bone marrow, patients often experience bone pain. It is not located in a given area and might be dispersed in various parts of the body, but it can be quite severe and force patients into the emergency room multiple times.

Besides bone pain, leukemia patients often have mineralization problems, and they are more susceptible to fractures than the normal population. In some cases, patients with leukemia develop a condition called myeloma, which is a mass or tumor made of cancer cells in the bone marrow. This triggers bone pain and aggravates the condition of the patient.

Leukemia Symptoms

Leukemia is different from many other types of cancer, but the treatment of this condition is very similar. Since leukemia affects a high number of children, treatment choices will depend on the age of the patient and their genetic predisposition. Chemotherapy is the routine treatment for a while, and most patients undergo maintenance chemotherapy. Some patients may also need tyrosine kinase inhibitors, rituximab, and other drugs to improve immune function. In some cases, stem cell transplantation is needed to provide a full recovery.

However, in all cases an early treatment is what really saves lives, and you would contribute to the early detection of leukemia by reporting abnormal signs and symptoms and performing your routine check-ups once a year or more often depending on the recommendations by your healthcare provider, and even if you feel healthy.


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