Leukemia Symptoms; 11 Common Leukemia Signs & Symptoms

6. Enlarged lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are an essential part of the immune system, and they are affected in leukemia as well. Some patients would not have enlarged lymph nodes and it is not required to make the diagnosis, but it is particularly important in lymphoblastic anemia because the lymphocytes are transported by the lymphatic system and accumulate in the interior of the lymph nodes. When T-cells are taken, patients may have a big mass in the middle of the chest that interferes with their normal breathing.

Enlarged lymph nodes are often an early manifestation of leukemia, and there are certain locations and characteristics that would be more suspicious for doctors. If you have enlarged lymph nodes, there are many other health problems to rule out, and most of them are viral infections because the lymphatic system is also behind the body defences against most types of viruses. Thus, do not assume anything and talk to your doctor about your condition.