Leukemia Symptoms; 11 Common Leukemia Signs & Symptoms

2. Higher susceptibility to infections

Patients with leukemia have a higher sensitivity to infections because their main problem is directly associated with their immune system, the one in charge of clearing out pathogens and protect the organism from invaders. For example, in acute lymphoblastic anemia, patients have very low neutrophil counts, and these are the first line of defence against microbial invaders. In most cases, the severity of infections is higher as the neutrophil count goes lower. Infections will be especially prevalent when the neutrophil count is around 500/µL, and it is severe and often life-threatening when it reaches 100/µL.

Thus, an aggressive infection can be fatal in these patients, and they need extra measures to protect their digestive tube, airways and urinary tract from microorganisms. Infections are the most common causes of death in leukemia patients, so there should be continuous check-ups to treat them promptly and improve the quality of life of the patient.